Duke of Edinburgh - Silver

From Sunday 12th until Tuesday 14th of October Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh students embarked on an expedition into the Blue Mountains wilderness. It was an expedition that tested the most experienced hikers. The unpredictable weather delivered us with 32 degree heat, rain, two electrical storms and hail. The students applied their extensive skills in navigation, first aid and camp craft. All students had the chance to lead the group throughout our journey and as a consequence, were able to experience the immense responsibilities of directing and caring for a group. Students’ ability to work as a team, capitalise on each other’s strengths and build up their areas of weakness enabled all participants to experience all that the expedition had to offer. On behalf of the supervising teachers’ Miss Moran and Mrs Newell, we would like to thank the determined, adventurous and spirited young women who participated in the expedition. In addition, from the students and teachers on the expedition we would like to thank the coordinating teachers’ Mrs Vieiro, Mrs Anderson and Mr Imlay for all of their preparation and invaluable support on the expedition. Mrs Newell & Miss Moran