Dedicated Educators

Whether teaching or in the office Nagle College staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

Nagle College has a dedicated team of teachers delivering high quality contemporary learning. They are committed to fostering a love of this learning so that our students have the capacity to learn throughout their lives.

If you wish to speak with a member of staff please contact the school office by email or phone on (02) 8887 4500 weekdays between 8:00 am and 4.00 pm.

College Leadership Team

Principal Delma Horan
Assistant Principal Deborah Scollard
Leader of Mission and Religious Education Loren Pelham
Leader of Learning, Growth and Development
Dympna Reavey
Leader of System Administration Karen Vasarelli
Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement Diane Shean
Business Manager Mary Fairhurst
Executive Assistant to the Principal Louise Titterton


Leaders of Student Wellbeing

Leader of Year 7 Student Wellbeing  Juvy Reczek
Leader of Year 8 Student Wellbeing Paula McNeil
Leader of Year 9 Student Wellbeing Karen Vasarelli
Leader of Year 10 Student Wellbeing Lynette Anderson
Leader of Year 11 Student Wellbeing Ellen Wall
Leader of Year 12 Student Wellbeing Christine Smith


Leaders of Learning

Leader of Mission and Religious Education Loren Pelham
Leader of Learning - English Michelle Aquilina-Clift
Leader of Learning - Mathematics  Jacqueline Foley
Leader of Learning - HSIE Rosemary Gurney
Assistant Leader of Learning - HSIE 
Praveena Krishnan
Leader of Learning - PDHPE
Karyn Tillman
Leader of Learning - Science
Fikru Aberra
Leader of Learning - TAS
Danielle Karatzis
Leader of Learning - CAPA
Jacob Brazell
Teacher in Charge - French Jacob Brazell


Positions of Special Responsibility

Careers Advisor Marie Etherington
Leader of Learning VET Tess McGlenchy
College Counsellors Cynthy Iniguez  Pamela Fagella
Teacher in Charge of Sport Valeriana Encomienda
Debating / Public Speaking Facilitator Christina Koutsopolous
Peer Support Program Facilitator Lynette Anderson
Award Leader Duke of Edinburgh TBC

Donna Salt

Diversity Cheryl Godfrey
Digital and Social Media Officer Michelle Szymanski


KLA Teams

Leader of Mission & Religious Education: Loren Pelham
Erika Aldeguer Jacob Brazell
Sara Colbran Levia Desho
Valeriana Encomienda Jessica Johnson
Daniel Mangabat Rosalie Merchant
Julena Oliva Alana Ryan
Joe Scarfo Deborah Scollard


Leader of Learning - English: Michelle Aquilina-Clift
Natalie Adams Jacob Brazell
Jaelithe Gherasim Christina Koutsopoulos
Daniel Mangabat Julena Oliva
Alisha Rasmussen Dympna Reavey
Donna Salt Joe Scarfo
Christine Smith  


Leader of Learning - Mathematics: Jacqueline Foley
Charlotte Fitzsimons Hala Jibrail
Lisa Lynch James Maloney
Juvy Reczek  


Leader of Learning - Science: Fikru Aberra
Lynette Anderson Marthie Bruton
Thuy Dinh Stephanie Horvath
Hala Jibrail Anthony Prasad
Patrick Sibbald Karyn Tillman


Leader of Learning - TAS: Danielle Karatzis
Cathy Abela Natalie Farrugia
Marina Giotas Jacqueline McAlister
Paula McNeil Anthony Prasad
Patrick Sibbald  


Leader of Learning - HSIE: Rosemary Gurney / Assistant Leader: Praveena Krishnan
Natalie Adams Erika Aldeguer
Marie Etherington Charlotte Fitzsimons
Praveena Krishnan Serena Napoli
Amanda Newell Cassandra Pastras
Joe Scarfo Diane Shean
Karen Vasarelli  


Leader of Learning - PDHPE: Karyn Tillman
Levia Desho Valeriana Encomienda
Kassandra Gaspi Stephanie Horvath
Jessica Johnson Leilani Powell
Alana Ryan Ellen Wall


Leader of Learning - CAPA: Jacob Brazell
Laura Borg Sarah Ann Cachia
Kylie Da Silva Jaelithe Gherasim
Josephine Kwon Elizabeth Park
Alisha Rasmussen  


Languages overseen by: Jacob Brazell
Rosalie Merchant Christine Smith


Diversity Teacher-in-Charge: Cheryl Godfrey
Sara Colbran Ruth D'Silva
Karen Garth Vicki Mercieca
Alana Pace Aditi Sharma


VET overseen by: Tess McGlenchy
Catherine Abela Natalie Farugia
Marie Etherington


Support Staff

Business Manager Mary Fairhurst
Executive Assistant to the Principal Louise Titterton
Curriculum Support and Receptionist Helen Mortimer
Finance and School Fee Support Luisa Pace
Student Support Sue Pobjie
Maintenance Tom Kelly, Mario Vadala
Library Assistant Michelle Szymanski
Science Assistant Jane Pace
Food Technology Assistant  
Technology Support Officer Elvin Kumar
ICT Trainee Krish Baram
Teaching Assistants Ruth D'Silva, Karen Garth,
Vicki Mercieca, Alana Pace,
Aditi Sharma