Who We Are

Nagle College is a welcoming community committed to the education of the whole person.

It is our hope that the young women who graduate from our College are inspired to make a difference in our world, through both their actions and choices.

Our Vision

Nagle College seeks to be an educational community for young women in the Catholic tradition. It draws its strength from the spirit of Nano Nagle, to care for the individual, and to provide a positive learning environment. Our students are challenged to give compassionately, confidently and critically, to bring about the transformation of our society.


Our Mission

Nagle College is a Catholic secondary school. We have our foundations in the Gospel of Jesus and the teachings of His Church. We seek to be a community that is inclusive, inviting and just.

Our Values

At Nagle College, we aim to support our students to become women who want to improve the world and who are prepared to actively achieve this.  We draw from Gospel values of Hope, Faith and Forgiveness, embedding theminto all policies, protocols and practices.

As a community centred on Christ and inspired by Nano Nagle, we recognise and promote the dignity of each human person through the values of:


A committed response to Christ's radical call to discipleship as modelled by Nano Nagle.


The curiosity to creatively explore the world.


The genuine and respectful inclusion of others.


Being daring and resilient in the face of challenge.


An individual responsibility to respond to the needs of others leading to the transformation of our world.


Nagle College has a rich tradition of prayer and liturgy.  As a Catholic community, we celebrate with a sense of sacredness of people, time and space.  All students from Years 7 - 12 undertake the study of Religious Education.


Our Motto

The College motto 'In Deed Not Word' is central to all that is taught, encouraged and experienced at Nagle College. We believe that we can all make a difference to our world and we do this by our actions.


Our Learning Statement

Nagle College students and staff are Presentation People who are flexible, life-long learners.