Technology at Nagle (BYOD)

Technology is everywhere. It is entwined in almost every part of our daily lives. It affects how we live, work and most importantly how we learn.

Because of this we encourage parents to purchase their child their own BYOD device to help enhance their learning experience at Nagle College. Please ensure that the device used meets the minimum requirements to be connected to the school's network.


Click here to see the minimum requirements

Information for Parents

BYOD Information

The School recognises there are many other options (sometimes cheaper) but the following is our recommendations.

Macbook Air

13” MacBook Air

Processor: M1 Processor
Storage: 256GB SSD
Price: $1,499


Please ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements

Minimum Requirements

You are now able to enrol your own device, please see links to guides below:

Purchasing a Device

The Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese has negotiated special pricing for Apple and Windows devices. These are available to students of Nagle College via the three portals below: Apple, CompNow and ASI.

Please ensure that the device purchased meets the minimum requirements to be connected to the school's network.

Macbooks and iPads are able to be purchased via this portal or directly from the Penrith Westfield Apple Store or Castle Towers Apple Store. Please ensure if you are purchasing a device at an Apple Retail store that you say that you are from Nagle College, which is a CSPD School.

To access this portal:


To login to the Computers Now Purchasing Portal:

  • Go to
  • Follow the onscreen tutorial to familiarise yourself with how the Purchasing Portal works. 
  • Ensure in Step 1 you enter your child’s full name in the Name Box.
  • Select the appropriate device category and most importantly select Blacktown – Nagle College.   


To login to the ASI purchasing portal:

If you wish to purchase your daughters device from a Retail Store please ensure that the device chosen meets all Device Specifications on

If the Device does not meet these specifications then the device will be unable to connect to the Nagle College Network.

Unsupported Devices

Please note that the following devices are not supported on the CSPD Network.

No Android Devices



No Mobile Phones

Student phones are not allowed to be
connected to the network


These do not meet the minimum
screen size requirements.